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Social Media Management

Looking to implement social media into your marketing strategy?

So, you have a company Facebook page. You’ve filled out the basic information, added some photos and even have a few followers. Now what?

Creating your profile and posting a few status updates is only 1/2 the job. First, determine why you’re using social media. Are you trying to sell more product? Improve customer service? Gain new clients? The answers to those questions will determine what you post, where, and how often.

Social media is a great way to engage with customers and develop loyal fans. It also takes TIME. Time to generate content and attract new followers… something you probably don’t have a lot of. That’s what Mojo is here for! We can be your Social Media Managers by creating your social media presence from scratch or building upon an existing one.

Social Media Management Services

  • Set-up a Corporate social media page or update an existing one.
  • Create artwork (profile and cover art).
  • Generate status updates and visuals that encourage user engagement.
  • Manage comments, questions and private messages.
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