Improve satisfaction by exceeding customer expectations.

In this increasingly competitive business marketplace, strategically preserving customer relationships is extremely important. In order to do that, you need to know if you are doing everything right — in the eyes of the customer. Should you offer other products or services? How is the customer service department doing? Is Jim a good sales rep? By proactively polling your existing customer base, you can determine what they like, what they don’t like, or what improvements they would like to see.

Customer survey’s from Mojo are customized to meet your needs and can address several areas: Overall Satisfaction; Departments: Sales, Accounting, Technical Support, Customer Service; Customer Perceptions: Products/Services, Staff Performance, Purchasing Habits; Employee Recognition; Competitive Position in the Marketplace; etc.

The first step to understanding your customer is to find out what they REALLY think of you. With our help, you can determine how well you measure up to your clients expectations and take the necessary steps towards improvement.

Customer Survey Services
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys / Self-Assessments
  • Former Customer Surveys / Customer Win-Back Programs
  • Customer Advocacy / Referral Programs